Why Highland Capital Continues to Develop

James Dondero is the current leader of Highland Capital. He loves working with people who need help with their finances. This passion to help others has grown throughout the company. One of his current investments is in Venezuela. Many companies will not pursue investing in the country. When the price of oil dropped, Venezuela had a difficult time paying its bills. This means that anyone who invests in the country must have a high risk tolerance. The interest rate on the country’s debt is very high for investors.

James Dondero

Few people in the investment world are like James Dondero. He combines a passion for finances and people to lead his company. Over time, he built Highland Capital to be one of the most successful investing firms in the country. They continue to build up their client base in many demographics. A lot of people assume that investing is only for rich people. However, a lot of average income earners go to Highland Capital for help investing. Anyone who wants to make a difference in their finances should look at their services.

Investing In Venezuela

A lot of people are scared to invest in Venezuela. However, Dondero has always looked for deals throughout the world. He feels like the price of oil is going back up. When it does, Venezuela will be in a much better position to pay its debt. Anyone looking for high rates of return should invest in the country. Investors should be prepared for a lot of volatility and risk.

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