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Why UKV PVLC Is the Best Wine Investment Company

Wine is a beverage that is taken by many people. The drink has gained popularity within its users despite claims that it is too expensive. In wine making, the longer wine is stored, the better value it has. Wine thus stored for several years to increase it taste and flavor. The more years wine has been stored, the more expensive in becomes. It can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Many people have started investing in the wine industry due to zero taxes on private investors. Some of the best wine from South Africa, Spain, France, and Egypt. In the United Kingdom, the most popular and established wine producer is a wine company called UKV PVLC.

UKV PVLC was formed in 2015. The company has wine vineyards in Italy, Spain and France. It was formed to provide clients with the most prestigious wine labels. One of major focus is clients who would wish to buy the lucrative wine for financial gain in future. Hence named as an investment company.

UKV PVLC has six products in the market to date. The products include:-Champagne-personal consumption, Investment wines-from Europe mostly for future financial gain, Italian- both financial and consumption, Spanish- mainly from cataliona for consumption, Bordeaux-consumption and Burgundy-financial gain.

UKV PVLC is a company on its own hence it works with many merchants, traders and brokers to seek for wine that is required. Its main role is to ensure quality wine supplied to individuals and customers who are trading. UKV PVLC offers brokerage on behalf of clients who wish to sell fine grade wine and those who adhere with the UK regulated bond to learn more about us: click here.

UKV PVLC has consultants team who give an oversight of the most efficient wine or champagne required for various occasions. Investing in UKV PVLC is the best way of mixing pleasure and business.

Andrew Rolfe Is Supporting Many Needy Students Through The Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe has been at the center of ensuring that the Ubuntu Education Fund raises adequate resource to support more needy children n the society. Recently, Andrew and other leaders of the Fund organized for an event in London. They invited 300 guests. At the event, Rolfe was in charge of entertainment and food. The executive did not disappoint in his mandate.

While planning, the management of the Fund was optimistic that they would raise more than $900,000. After the event, the guests had exceeded their expectations. The money that was raised would be channeled towards equipping and expanding a pediatric clinic, which has been developed within the school campus. Moreover, some funds would be expended on increasing the capacity of the Port Elizabeth, South Africa-based campus. The rest of the money would enable the institution to enroll more needy children.

During the invitation-only event, Sinesipho Rabidyani touched many people with her inspiring story. She posited that her father’s drinking behavior made it difficult for her to concentrate on her studies. When the Ubuntu Fund heard her story, the management of the same gave her a scholarship to study law at the university. Jacob Lief told the audience that there was need to help many needy children in the society.

The Ubuntu Fund was founded in 1999. Over the years, more than 400,000 disadvantaged children across Africa have benefited from the Fund. Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula posited that they founded the institution with the objective of helping needy children to realize their dreams through education. However, soon after opening the school, they realized that most children were either not coming to school or performing well in class. This situation prompted them to engage in a fact finding mission. After conducting a comprehensive research, they found that hunger and HIV were preventing many children from attending school and concentrating on their studies.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is a respected chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund. Over the years, he has been involved in ensuring that the Fund raises adequate resources for purposes of taking good care of many disadvantaged children.

The executive has gained immense experience in leadership and management by virtue of working for different organization. Rolfe has rendered his services for the PepsiCo Restaurants International and Booker Foodservice. He has also been a president of Gap’s international division.


José AuriemoNeto Builds Luxurious Hotels With JHSF Participacoes

JHSF Participacoes is a well known real estate company located in Brazil. The company specializes in high income properties in the commercial and residential markets. Their acquisitions include developing and managing an international executive airport, luxurious hotels, gastronomy, and high end shopping centers. The company was originally created in 1972 and used the name of JHS. Their focus is on the areas providing investments in segments with high incomes and recurring incomes.

Although JHSF Participacoes is headquartered in Brazil they also operate in additional countries including Uruguay, and the United States. They are the first real estate company in Brazil who prioritized recurring income assets. This includes their operations of shopping malls, high end hotels, an airport, and projects in real estate. Through all of the history of JHSF Participacoes they have covered in excess of six million square miles. The company’s stock market value as of 2017 was roughly $120 billion.

Since 2003 José AuriemoNeto has been running JHSF Participacoes as their CEO. He joined the company in 1993 and through the creation of a Parkbem he established their services department. Parkbem specialized in parking lot management and was established in 1997. José AuriemoNeto has been on the board for the company since 2009. The shopping center department was established in 1998 when he gained the rights for the development of the shopping center in Santa Cruz. He was additionally given the responsibility for the implementation and management.

José AuriemoNeto worked for YPO on two separate occasions as their Executive Office. This was from 2003 until 2004 and then again from 2004 until 2005. He is the current Director for JHSF Participacoes. His studies were in the field of engineering at the Fundação Armando Alvares. The additionally studied business administration at FASE.

Embrace your Weirdness with Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a successful entrepreneur from the United States who has lit the cosmetic industry. If there is one thing that Doe Deere loves is sharing her success story with other people especially other women. Doe Deere says that there are many benefits associated with owning a business of your own. She also acknowledges that there are plenty of obstacles that will come on your way if you are to succeed in any business especially as the business owner. Some of the issues that you should consider include passion, business plans and finance. Before you embark on a business journey, ensure that you love what you are doing. Also, ensure that you have a plan that will see the business completed. Finally, ensure that you can acquire enough finances if your business is to succeed. These are some of the issues that Doe Deere has raised when speaking on various platforms. Learn more:


Those who know Doe Deere know her for her role with Lime Crime Cosmetics that she established some years back. Some of the products that she has specialized in since she founded the company include lipstick, eye shadows and nail polishes. All her products are known as beautiful, colorful and bright. Her cosmetics are also environmentally friendly and one that does not infringe on the rights of animals. She often insists that her products are animal cruelty-free. Despite being born in Russia, Doe Deere managed to build her name in the land of opportunities. She has this concept that a beautiful thing is something that makes you feel right. This is unlike the common belief by other people that beauty is about being associated with good looking items and items that are natural. To share her insights on how other women can also succeed, she has featured on platforms that seek to address the plight of women such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust and PHAMExpo. She is a fan of Instagram where she advises other women to come out and speak about what they believe in. Learn more:


When talking about her success to IdeaMensch, Doe Deere noted that she brings her ideas to life through her team of wonderful people. She is recognized as a woman loves going beyond the ordinary. She is still fascinated by generation Z. According to Doe Deere, this is the generation that was born less than 20 years ago. She says that this generation can make use of the internet to make things easier. For instance, the internet makes online shopping possible hence eliminating the need to travel from one place to the other. Doe Deere says that if you are to succeed in business, you must believe in the vision you have and also believe in your customers. As a parting shot, Doe Deere says that people should learn to embrace what makes them different. Learn more: