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George Soros Wins A $22 Billion Dollars Bet

George Soros is the sole founder of the Open Society Foundation, which is based in the United States. Soros has advocated for a liberal society, where the government protects its people and offers basic needs to the needy. Apart from America, Open Society Foundation has been welcomed into many continents, including Asia and Europe.

George Soros is a self-tailored billionaire and one of the individuals with higher net worth in the United States. Open Society Foundation is ranked as one of the best privately conducted charity institutions in the whole world. George Soros has been helping to establish education institutions at a global level. With an aim of bringing accountability and transparency globally, Soros has been financing firms such as international crisis group and the global witness. Click a complete liberation of the life of Soros.

In a release made by Bloomberg News, George Soros warned the global markets of the impending economic crisis. He offered that advice while attending a forum in Sri Lanka. According to George Soros, this is not the right time to invest in the global market. He termed China as one of the countries being affected by currency devaluation, an instance that poses a high risk to the world market.

George Soros added that the conditions experienced in China were similar with those evidenced in the 2008 economic recession. Soros depicted that the biggest problem facing China resulted from the country’s poor adjustment problem. Strategist Soros is remembered because of the 2008 financial crisis prediction. Open to read more on the crisis affecting China.

Few days ago, Value Walk publishers made a release on the financial challenges facing Britain that were identified by George Soros. Eight years ago, George Soros foresaw the occurrence of the financial crisis that affected many investors negatively. Soros also oversaw the possibility of pound devaluation in the forex exchange. Most of the marketers viewed it as a joke. Having read the market indicators, Soros predicted the devaluation of the pound and made a $15 billion dollars bet.

The Quantum Fund on, the name he gave to his $15 billion dollars bet, gave him high returns amounting to $19 billion dollars. Few months later, the fund attracted him another $3 billion dollars amounting to $22 billion. He invested the money regarding hedge fund. In the long run, Soros got more than 20% of the extra $7 billion dollars. George Soros is a genius who understands every concept of the stock exchange and the forex markets.

With his expertise in reading the market indicators, George Soros has been helping investors by advising them the time to make massive investments. Since the formation of banks, managers have been getting paid through the use hedge funds, that is, investing with other people’s money. All one needs to be a billionaire is placing a strong bet.

Philip Diehl’s Vision And The U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve, founded in 2001, is one of the largest, privately owned companies that distribute gold, silver, and platinum coins, bars, and bullion. What makes them unique is that they deal exclusively with U.S. backed, legal tender.

But what truly sets them apart is that their president is Philip Diehl, who had one of the most successful tenures as Director of the U.S. Mint. He is responsible for the 50 States Quarters Program, the minting of the first U.S. backed platinum coin, as well as attempting to abolish the penny, during his 35 year term – the penny has long been considered more expens to produce then it’s worth.

The U.S. Mint was kind of a backwards organization before Diehl took the helm and under his supervision it became successful because of an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s this same spirit that helped initiate the U.S. Money Reserve’s precious metals IRA program. The program for the ownership of precious metals, while also allowing participants to take advantage of fluctuating prices. The IRA program is meant as a retirement tool for those who want to become active in the precious metals market, which stays relatively consistent in a sometimes unstable marketplace.

The United States Gold and Silver Reserve is the other name under which the U.S. Money Reserve operates. The company is made up of experts in the gold, silver, and platinum field and helps clients navigate the marketplace in term of buying, trading, and selling the currency. Why gold, silver, and platinum? There’s a distinct advantage to having the physical property that’s valued as currency as opposed to stocks or bonds. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

You can have your coins, bars, or bullion delivered to a location of your choice. 1800 years ago, a one ounce gold coin could buy a tailored toga, handmade belt, and nice pair of sandals. Today, a once ounce gold coin will buy you a tailored suit, handmade belt, and nice pair of oxfords. Precious metals don’t depreciate the way paper currency does, but one can take advantage of shifts in the market to increase their wealth.

The U.S. Money Reserve has a customer first mentality and this is exemplified by their AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s also allowed them to become the largest mover of gold, silver, and platinum in Unites States.

They keep this rating by offering five to seven day delivery, with free shipping, of orders over $25,000. They also offer a thirty day money back guarantee on all orders as long as the property is in its original packaging and condition. This makes means that they are willing to stand by their guarantee of weight and purity.

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Ross Abelow: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

When the temperatures drop and winter descends, the one place everyone wants to be is in the warm comfort of their home. It is tempting to ignore the outside world and enjoy the safety and security of indoors. Unfortunately, the vast number of strays and abandoned pets in cities and towns means there will inevitably be some animals left out in the cold. There is often a lack of finances that could help these animals survive the harsh winter months, but New York lawyer Ross Abelow is trying to change that.

On January 13th, 2016, Abelow created a GoFundMe campaign to raise $5,000 that will be donated to animal shelters. This money will go towards purchasing food, blankets, medicine and other supplies to aid shelters and potentially save an animal’s life.

Ross Abelow attended the State University of New York. He then attended Brooklyn Law School and graduated in 1989. He was licensed to practice law in New York in 1990. His practice ranges from matrimonial and family law to matters of commercial litigation and entertainment law. After 26 years of service, he was made partner at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp.

In addition to his legal practice, Abelow is active in online communities and makes the most of social media. He uses Facebook and Mashable and writes a blog that offers information and advice on finances and legal issues. Additionally, Abelow frequently submits articles for publication in different sources, such as the blog Crown Point New York.

Abelow’s efforts may mean the difference between life and death for these animals. As the are incapable of defending themselves, Abelow has stepped in to defend them. His goal is twofold. First, he aims to keep animals in shelters and off the streets. Second, he wants the shelters to have adequate supplies to be able to care for the animals. It goes beyond giving them a home on a cold night. More supplies means the shelters can accept more animals, and fewer will be put down.

Ross Abelow is taking an active interest in his campaign, and will gladly answer any questions via the website.

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Corporate Structures Need Compliance Officers Like Helane Morrison

The corporate world is in need of compliance officers. There is a lot of talk about Hall Capital and the way that Helane Morrison has been put in place to regulate things. This is a huge step in the right direction for Hall Capital. This is a company that has a lot of wealthy clients.

Helane Morrison has worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco and this has prepared her for the road that she currently on as the Compliance Officer for Hall Capital.

The role of a Compliance Officer is one that is reserved for a male corporate executives. Ms. Morrison has achieved a lot, and she is one of the best female executives on the West Coast. She has experience in the world of investigation from her time with San Francisco SEC roles. Morrison has also worked in this city as a lawyer so she knows about mandating what is right and wrong. She is a graduate of Berkeley Law School, and she has spent part of her career practicing as a lawyer at one time.

There is a lot of buzz about the work that Helane Morrison is doing in the corporate industry. What her current role as the Compliance Officer does is solidify Hall Capital as a company that is in line with the rules and regulations. They officially have a person on the inside that actually knows about the rules and consequences that come with breaking rules. This has made her one of the best executives in the higher level executive role at Hall Capital.

Helane Morrison has worked in the role of a director for many years so her current role as a Compliance Officer is something that she can manage easily. She has worked in the capacity of regional director for the San Francisco SEC and she has also worked for a law firm. Currently she is on the American Bar Association (ABA) and she is also connected to internal executive committees within the Hall Capital firm that she works for.

Her ability to distinguish between those things that are right and wrong and can help these executives that are managing the firms. This ability to regulate in this way makes her a vital member of the Hall Capital team. She may not be the executive that is most well-known within the organization, but she plays a vital part in the overall success of this company.

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The Flint Water Crisis: How Long Has It Been Going On? The Truth Will Shock You!

The Flint water crisis has only come to light outside of the state in recent weeks. For the citizens of Flint, the crisis has been on-going for more than five years.

Officials in Flint, Michigan conducted a study of the Flint River. Jon Urbana, a well-known environmentalist whose work with Earth Force made the national stage, concluded that the water was unusually corrosive and must be treated to be safe for consumption. The price of treating the water per day, officials were told, would be somewhere in the range of $100.

Flint’s water supply came from Detroit, but in 2014, the supply was diverted instead from the Flint River. The change was intended to be only temporary. It didn’t take long for the corrosive agents in the water to react to the city’s primarily lead pipe water systems. Residents reported that their water turned brown and had a strange odor. Flint’s water supply was contaminated with lead.

News of the budding crisis spread and other city’s offered to help, but local government officials declined the offers. Then it happened. A case of lead poisoning was reported. And then another. The EPA stated that Flint’s water supply tested for an unusually high concentrate of lead, but state and local officials argued for months over who was to blame for the emergency.

Days after local officials went door to door delivering bottled water and filters to city residents, Gov. Rick Snyder responded.

“You did not create this problem,” Snyder said. “I am sorry, and I will fix it.”

How Does Real Estate Mavericks Train Realtors Around America?

Real Estate Mavericks is the brainchild of founder Greg Hague, and the company takes a new approach to buying and selling homes. Selling a house in the current real estate climate is not as simple as listing the property on MLS, but realtors often use default measures to sell homes without giving their techniques much thought. Greg Hague has a different idea on home sales, and this article explains how his Real Estate Mavericks team teaches realtors a better way to sell homes.

#1: The Program Has 22 Steps

There are 22 steps in the Real Estate Mavericks program, and every realtor would be wise to try every step on its own. Every step is designed to push realtors to a home sale, but there are a few steps that stand out. Realtors who are searching for new methods of selling homes may use the preliminary instructions provided by Greg and his team.

#2: Marketing Is Everything

Greg believes that home sellers should use the same marketing techniques as global retail leaders like Apple. The marketing techniques for a home are stale, and Greg believes that realtors must put in more work to make each house look appealing. An appealing home is more likely to sell, and Greg believes that his clients will see their sales increase when using every step in his program.

#3: Preliminary Marketing

Preliminary marketing for realtors is often left out of the equation because of MLS. The realtors who use MLS exclusively are not letting anyone know about the homes they list. There is a laundry list of features that will sell every home, and it is smarter for the realtor to alert other agents of their new listings. An email a few days in advance of the listing will give other realtors a chance to garner interest from their clients.

#4: Active Marketing

Greg believes in active marketing for every property. Properties that languish on the housing market for weeks or even months have not been marketed correctly, and the Real Estate Mavericks team teaches its clients to market online, through social media and through digital ads. Every realtor must have a website with their listings in full detail, and the realtor must use social media accounts to share information about all their listings. MLS comes alive with active marketing, and homes sell much quicker when they are more visible.

The Real Estate Mavericks plan created by Greg Hague is the best way for realtors to manage their listings without losing interest in each home. The 22-step plan offered by Real Estate Mavericks trains realtors to use better marketing tactics for their listings, and realtors are no longer allowed to use MLS alone to sell homes.

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Russia Targets Open Society Charities of George Soros in Book Burning

George Soros’ Networks Banned by Russia.


George Soros enjoyed a very fulfilling career as well as life. Starting out with unlucky, he managed to turn his fortunes around and make the best out of life. Being born in a poor neighborhood, Soros has taken it upon himself to impact on other peoples’ lives through his open society foundations, writings, and political stands. He is a human right activist.
Soros with his life experience decided to get into the social sector. He supported the apartheid war in South Africa while working to eradicate communists during the cold war. George voices his opinions without favor or fear. He has condemned governments, mining firms, countries and individuals who start wars in resource endorsed areas for their selfish gains. He sees accountability and transparency from leaders to their subjects.

In South Africa during the apartheid rule,’ George Soros supported the fighters and offered free legal advice to the detainees at that time. Soros also condemns individuals and countries that start wars in resource-rich places for their selfish gains. He stands for the rights of the mineworkers and the local people of mining areas. See link to this information.


Soros has remained an active scholar who publishes opinion pieces in various journals. The Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations opined on a recent publication that the European Union faces overwhelming challenges today. However, it’s his assertion that the Russian external aggression against neighboring Ukraine that caught headlines worldwide. In his analysis of the situation, Soros called on the Union to prioritize the Russia-Ukraine standoff, citing the need to unite with the aim of checking Russia’s power.


George Soros entered into the bad books of Russia when he supported the anti-communist movement in the 1980’s. Since the fall of the Eastern bloc, he launched his Open Society Foundations in northern Russia and Ukraine. Through these groups, he promotes democracy, education, and building of social capacity. Russian authorities have made it their mission to curb the influence of the Open Society Institute and Foundation. In their justification letter, they insist that these groups form a distorted perception of historical events and introduce alienating ideologies to the Russian population.


The General Prosecutor banned the groups earlier last year and as a result engaged in operations to clean out college libraries of books donated by Soros. About 53 textbooks were burned on site. Another 400 books were confiscated for shredding. Read this article here.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s New Role At Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has been named the Chief Executive Officer for Coriant which is a popular supplier of innovative networking solutions. After working closely with the management team as operating partners for Marlin, Shaygan is all set to join the new company. His strategic plans and operations, active involvement in leadership positions, awards and accolades have all proven to be beneficial for his new role as the CEO of the company.

Shaygan brings in decades of experience in technology and business management to Coriant.He is determined to drive the company’s growth strategy and focus on solutions that are customer oriented. The former President and CEO of the company Pat DiPietro will be transitioning to the position of Vice Chairman. Shaygan Keradpir has extensive industrial knowledge which makes him the right candidate to multi-task as well. As demand for end-use application is increasing, Shaygan’s expertise and leadership will be put to good use.

Shaygan Kheradpir is excited about the company’s comprehensive portfolio of world-class technology, global reach, data networking solutions and other areas related to innovation. He is confident of Coriant’s ability to become one of the leaders in innovation and efficiency of network architectures, service creation and operations. He is also confident that the company has the right resources in place to enable customers with fluent networking solutions that would give way to automation, service agility and programmability in its highest level.

Coriant is equally excited to have Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO. He is considered to be the executive of highest caliber due to his previous achievements in companies such as Juniper Networks, Verizon and Barclays. His insight and guidance are valued by the company as well. The Coriant is also confident of his ability to drive it to the next level of growth. With over 28 years of experience in telecom, finance and technology industries, Shaygan Kheradpir is the right person for the job. His career began at GTE Corporation; he was subsequently appointed as the Chief Information Officer of Verizon. There, his team involved in system modernization, innovations, planning and product pioneering. Shaygan is responsible for products such as FiOS which is one of the largest programs for infrastructure with a capital investment of more than $20 billion. His tenure at Barclays as Chief Operations and Technology Officer is memorable as well where he also served as the member of the executive committee. There he held many leadership roles and created many programs including the company’s TRANSFORM. The program is aimed at transforming the bank for the 21st century. He helped open branches of the bank across 50 countries with more than 150 thousand employees working for it. Shaygan Kheradpir later became the CEO of Juniper Networks where the majority of his work revolved around developing integrated operating plan for the company. He also focused on Cloud Builder and High IQ Networking’s growth markets. His position as the Operating Partner of Marlin Equity Partners made him give importance to strategic growth of technology and telecom investments as well.

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Oscar Pistorius Trial

Famous South African athlete Oscar Pistorius was on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp. The trial began in March 2014. Pistorius allegedly shot and killed Steenkamp at his home because he thought that Steenkamp was an intruder.

In addition to murder, Pistorius was also charged with illegal possession of ammunition, as well as using a gun in a public space. Pistorius pleaded not guilty to all charges. There was no jury for the trial, as that was abolished after the end of apartheid. The judge for the trial was Thokozile Masipa.

During the opening statements, the prosecutor noted that the case against Pistorius was based on circumstantial evidence, due to the fact that there were no eyewitnesses. One of the witnesses for the prosecution testified that it was unlikely that Pistorius was wearing his prosthetic legs at the time of the shooting.

Pistorius’ defense attorney said that Pistorius thought that Steenkamp was in bed when he shot her because he had spoken to her in bed shortly beforehand. A witness testified to hearing sounds of possible arguing for over an hour. Other witnesses mentioned hearing a woman’s screams and gunshots during the evening that Steenkamp died.

The defense countered that the sounds were coming from Pistorius as he was seeking help and the supposed gunshots were actually the sounds of Pistorius breaking down the door to the toilet. During the next few days of the trial, the state pathologist spoke of the graphic injuries to Steenkamp, which caused Pistorius to vomit.

There were also text messages between Pistorius and Steenkamp that were looked at to describe how Steenkamp and Pistorius had a normal relationship, though Steenkamp did accuse Pistorius of being jealous and possessive. One particular message of note was that Steenkamp told Pistorius that she was scared of him sometimes. Pistorius also testified in his defense, and was on the stand for over four days.

One of the legal analysts covering the trial was Brenda Wardle. Wardle is a world famous legal analyst who has provided analysis in South Africa, as well as other places around the World. She was a regular guest in South Africa during the Oscar Pistorius trial.

Wardle is also a registered assessor and moderator with two Sector Education and Training Authorities in South Africa.

After months of deliberation, Judge Masipa found Pistorius not guilty of premeditated murder. However, Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide.

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A Man and His Investing Mission

Sam Tabar is a New York City based capital strategist and attorney. Mr. Tabar earned a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Oxford University in 2000. Mr. Tabar also attended Columbia Law School and while a student he was the Associate Editor for the Columbia Business Law Review. Mr. Tabar is fluent in French and also speaks Japanese.

Mr. Tabar began his career as an Asscoiate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom, LLP in the fall of 2001. In 2004, he moved onto the Sparx Group Co./PMA Investment Advisor as the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. In 2010 Mr. Tabor made the move to Bank of America Merril Lynch and became the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. 2012 brought Mr. Tabar became the Director of Adanac LLC, BVI and in 2013 he became a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP.

In addition to being an attorney, Mr. Tabar is a hedge fund expert and offers advice on investing. He invested in THINX, a company that supports Women in Africa and America.

Mr. Tabar, an expert in the commodities field, cautions commodities investors about always performing their due diligence. Investing in commodities is all about research of the desired product and exploring and analyzing the history of the product and utilizing that information to formulate a reasonable prediction on how the product is likely to perform in the future. An additional piece of information to keep in mind when investing in commodities, according to Mr. Tabar is to watch out for problem products.

One other piece of advice Mr. Tabar offers to investors is to avoid funds that are poorly managed. It is important to look at the history and make sure the track record demonstrates a consistent and reasonable return on the investment. Each investor will have to decide what is reasonable based on the level of risk they are willing to take.
Mr. Tabar always tells investors that research is always the investor’s best friend. The research will provide the investor with insight and expertise into how the markets are performing and it will also give the investor an idea of how well the fund is being managed.

According to Sam Tabar, it is best to focus on commodities that are well managed. Mismanaged funds will be a minefield that becomes difficult to navigate in order to obtain a reasonable return.  His LinkedIn pedigree really shows that he knows what he’s talking about, so it’s a good idea to give his concepts a good amount of thought.

Sam is also a massive music lover.  Something that inspired him to create a SoundCloud account to share that interest.