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George Soros Wins A $22 Billion Dollars Bet

George Soros is the sole founder of the Open Society Foundation, which is based in the United States. Soros has advocated for a liberal society, where the government protects its people and offers basic needs to the needy. Apart from America, Open Society Foundation has been welcomed into many continents, including Asia and Europe.

George Soros is a self-tailored billionaire and one of the individuals with higher net worth in the United States. Open Society Foundation is ranked as one of the best privately conducted charity institutions in the whole world. George Soros has been helping to establish education institutions at a global level. With an aim of bringing accountability and transparency globally, Soros has been financing firms such as international crisis group and the global witness. Click a complete liberation of the life of Soros.

In a release made by Bloomberg News, George Soros warned the global markets of the impending economic crisis. He offered that advice while attending a forum in Sri Lanka. According to George Soros, this is not the right time to invest in the global market. He termed China as one of the countries being affected by currency devaluation, an instance that poses a high risk to the world market.

George Soros added that the conditions experienced in China were similar with those evidenced in the 2008 economic recession. Soros depicted that the biggest problem facing China resulted from the country’s poor adjustment problem. Strategist Soros is remembered because of the 2008 financial crisis prediction. Open to read more on the crisis affecting China.

Few days ago, Value Walk publishers made a release on the financial challenges facing Britain that were identified by George Soros. Eight years ago, George Soros foresaw the occurrence of the financial crisis that affected many investors negatively. Soros also oversaw the possibility of pound devaluation in the forex exchange. Most of the marketers viewed it as a joke. Having read the market indicators, Soros predicted the devaluation of the pound and made a $15 billion dollars bet.

The Quantum Fund on, the name he gave to his $15 billion dollars bet, gave him high returns amounting to $19 billion dollars. Few months later, the fund attracted him another $3 billion dollars amounting to $22 billion. He invested the money regarding hedge fund. In the long run, Soros got more than 20% of the extra $7 billion dollars. George Soros is a genius who understands every concept of the stock exchange and the forex markets.

With his expertise in reading the market indicators, George Soros has been helping investors by advising them the time to make massive investments. Since the formation of banks, managers have been getting paid through the use hedge funds, that is, investing with other people’s money. All one needs to be a billionaire is placing a strong bet.