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Enjoying Data For Free

One of the features that many people would love to experience with their smartphones is the ability to use their data for free. While they do get a taste of that ability with Wi-Fi, they have to be at a certain hot spot in order to take advantage of it. If they are not in a hot spot, then they are often stuck without free data. Even people that pay for data tend to have to be careful with how much data they use before they run out. Fortunately, FreedomPop offers a certain amount of free data for their users.

FreedomPop has been started by people who have observed the mobile industry and noticed that some of the rates could be a little high for people that are on the lower end of the income scale. Even people that could afford it could find themselves hitting an unforeseen circumstance that could leave them unable to afford the monthly bill. As a result, their service could shut off. Fortunately, they offer people a little bit of free service. The users can also pay for more service. The prices for services are a lot lower than the prices that other service providers charge.

Recently, FreedomPop has taken huge advantage of the Black Friday craze. They have sold mobile devices at a huge discount. They have sold smartphones for as low as $40. The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone was sold for $100. To go along with the deal was free service of as much as 1 gig data, unlimited talk and text. This is a huge incentive to use the services offered by FreedomPop. This is like a welcome bonus for new users of FreedomPop. After the bonus of the first month, the service goes to its usual service that is offered to other users.

FreedomPop does have a promising future due to the many major steps it is taking in order to establish itself as a service provider. It even gives people a chance to surf the Internet for free. They get to download and stream music and videos for free. This is a great type of advantage that people get in order to enjoy their mobile data at a low price. The Internet is the most popular medium to use. It goes without saying that one should be able to enjoy it for free with the Wi-Fi and other forms of free data.