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Russia Targets Open Society Charities of George Soros in Book Burning

George Soros’ Networks Banned by Russia.


George Soros enjoyed a very fulfilling career as well as life. Starting out with unlucky, he managed to turn his fortunes around and make the best out of life. Being born in a poor neighborhood, Soros has taken it upon himself to impact on other peoples’ lives through his open society foundations, writings, and political stands. He is a human right activist.
Soros with his life experience decided to get into the social sector. He supported the apartheid war in South Africa while working to eradicate communists during the cold war. George voices his opinions without favor or fear. He has condemned governments, mining firms, countries and individuals who start wars in resource endorsed areas for their selfish gains. He sees accountability and transparency from leaders to their subjects.

In South Africa during the apartheid rule,’ George Soros supported the fighters and offered free legal advice to the detainees at that time. Soros also condemns individuals and countries that start wars in resource-rich places for their selfish gains. He stands for the rights of the mineworkers and the local people of mining areas. See link to this information.


Soros has remained an active scholar who publishes opinion pieces in various journals. The Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations opined on a recent publication that the European Union faces overwhelming challenges today. However, it’s his assertion that the Russian external aggression against neighboring Ukraine that caught headlines worldwide. In his analysis of the situation, Soros called on the Union to prioritize the Russia-Ukraine standoff, citing the need to unite with the aim of checking Russia’s power.


George Soros entered into the bad books of Russia when he supported the anti-communist movement in the 1980’s. Since the fall of the Eastern bloc, he launched his Open Society Foundations in northern Russia and Ukraine. Through these groups, he promotes democracy, education, and building of social capacity. Russian authorities have made it their mission to curb the influence of the Open Society Institute and Foundation. In their justification letter, they insist that these groups form a distorted perception of historical events and introduce alienating ideologies to the Russian population.


The General Prosecutor banned the groups earlier last year and as a result engaged in operations to clean out college libraries of books donated by Soros. About 53 textbooks were burned on site. Another 400 books were confiscated for shredding. Read this article here.