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With Handy, Spring Cleaning is Just a Click Away

Many people today are working, raising a family, and trying to maintain a home all at the same time. All of this activity can make a person feel overwhelmed. And while most people may enjoy their activities and responsibilities, not many enjoy cleaning. That is why home cleaning services have been and will most likely continue to be an integral part of a bustling society. This dislike of cleaning but the necessity of doing it has created a segment of the workforce aimed specifically at taking over cleaning duties. Because these services exist, many people who feel dread at the thought of cleaning a home or doing a larger spring cleaning project can find help from an outside source. However when someone makes the decision to hire either a person or a cleaning agency to come in and clean his or her home, he or she is often faced with questions such as “where do I find this service,” “how much does it cost,” or “do I even want someone I don’t know coming into my home?”

In the past, the local newspaper or telephone directory would enable someone to search for cleaning services. However with the rise of the Internet and the popularity of mobile devices, neither the local newspaper or the telephone directory offer much assistance anymore. This is where comes in.

Handy links customers to cleaning services. A Customer can access from the Internet on either a mobile device or on a computer. Customers using Handy can easily access the website, type in some basic information, and book a cleaning. Handy offers customers the opportunity to make an online appointment, get a price for that appointment, and relax knowing that the cleaning professionals have all had background checks. So while someone may dread cleaning, now there is no reason to dread finding someone else to do it instead.