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How Does Real Estate Mavericks Train Realtors Around America?

Real Estate Mavericks is the brainchild of founder Greg Hague, and the company takes a new approach to buying and selling homes. Selling a house in the current real estate climate is not as simple as listing the property on MLS, but realtors often use default measures to sell homes without giving their techniques much thought. Greg Hague has a different idea on home sales, and this article explains how his Real Estate Mavericks team teaches realtors a better way to sell homes.

#1: The Program Has 22 Steps

There are 22 steps in the Real Estate Mavericks program, and every realtor would be wise to try every step on its own. Every step is designed to push realtors to a home sale, but there are a few steps that stand out. Realtors who are searching for new methods of selling homes may use the preliminary instructions provided by Greg and his team.

#2: Marketing Is Everything

Greg believes that home sellers should use the same marketing techniques as global retail leaders like Apple. The marketing techniques for a home are stale, and Greg believes that realtors must put in more work to make each house look appealing. An appealing home is more likely to sell, and Greg believes that his clients will see their sales increase when using every step in his program.

#3: Preliminary Marketing

Preliminary marketing for realtors is often left out of the equation because of MLS. The realtors who use MLS exclusively are not letting anyone know about the homes they list. There is a laundry list of features that will sell every home, and it is smarter for the realtor to alert other agents of their new listings. An email a few days in advance of the listing will give other realtors a chance to garner interest from their clients.

#4: Active Marketing

Greg believes in active marketing for every property. Properties that languish on the housing market for weeks or even months have not been marketed correctly, and the Real Estate Mavericks team teaches its clients to market online, through social media and through digital ads. Every realtor must have a website with their listings in full detail, and the realtor must use social media accounts to share information about all their listings. MLS comes alive with active marketing, and homes sell much quicker when they are more visible.

The Real Estate Mavericks plan created by Greg Hague is the best way for realtors to manage their listings without losing interest in each home. The 22-step plan offered by Real Estate Mavericks trains realtors to use better marketing tactics for their listings, and realtors are no longer allowed to use MLS alone to sell homes.

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